The Castle

Sunday October 8th 4:00pm


The Kerrigan’s battle rapacious developers trying to compulsorily acquire most home. It may be modest but its filled with love and pride – it’s their castle.


The funniest film ever made in Australia and frequently listed as the best.. This movie has a special place in the hearts of all Australians, It’s dialogue has gone into our vocabulary, (“Tell him he’s dreaming” “It’s the vibe your honour”) and the battling Kerrigans represent something we’d all like to believe we share – compassion, humour and a never say die spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

Join star Michael Caton to watch the much loved battle as the Kerrigan family take on developers. With Bondi’s current nightmare of spivs and developers running wild THE CASTLE has particular relevance for us. Seeing this film in a full cinema is a joyous experience you won’t forget.


“This timeless comic snapshot of suburban life Down Under remains absolutely un-budgeable from its perch as the most widely adored (and quoted) Australian film of all-time.” Leigh Paatsch Herald Sun

“The greatest Australian film of all time”. Matt Neal ABC Radio.

Followed by Q & A with Activist/Actor Michael Caton


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Rob Sitch


Michael Caton
Anne Tenney
Stephen Curry
Tiriel Mora


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Directed by Mark Stewart-Pearson