Bondi's Best Shorts

Saturday 7th October 4:00PM

Please note this session is listed incorrectly in the printed program as Sunday 8th October

Mum Life | 2022 | 15 mins
Director: Ruby Challenger

Sarah, a first time mother, struggles to connect with her newborn baby and is pushed to her limits when she discovers her Insta famous bestie has organised a surprise birthday party for her.

Cannes Entry 2022

Love And Other Mental Disorders | 14 Mins | 2021

Director: Ben Ulm

Alien hand syndrome is a rare condition in which you can’t control your hands.  How to find love when you’ve got roaming hands.

Cannes entry, winner best comedy short Hollywood short fest.


Grayson Hinrichs & Holly Murphy work in progress | 2023
The latest adventures of Bondi’s next surf champ.


Bulls | 11mins | 1973
Writer/Director: Chris Noonan

The story of young girl's growing up on a remote dairy farm in the late1930s.

Building Bridges | 7mins | 1994 -2000
Directed by Haydn Keenan

Australia’s greatest bands donate for reconciliation.

Art of War | 3mins | 2023
Directed by Tom Cowan

War Folk art on a tiny scale

Maybe In A Thousand Years | 3mins | 2023
Directed by Tom Cowan

Bondi's natural environment is hidden under concrete

Snowblind | 15mins | 2014
Directed by Sean Kruck

Jack negotiates love, family and the odyssey of adolescence


Midnight Cannoli | 2022 | 10mins
Producer/Actor: Max Cattana

Closing time for three New York restaurant workers. Temptation comes in the form of a powerful cannoli

Free Kick | 8mins | 2023
Directed by Mark Stewart-Pearson

It’s all quiet at the Villawood detention centre.  Today is the annual Christmas football match.  Guards versus detainees.  It was not match