Friday October 6th 8:00pm


The Dingo Girl washes up on Bondi beach in search of her parents. Brought up by dingos she wants to know why her parents tried to kill her at Uluru. She discovers the horrible truth within a disused movie studio populated by lonely monsters from the silver screen.


The most shocking film ever made in Australia this movie slaughters a herd of sacred cows. A tsunami of ideas and imagery sweeps the audience into a sensory world of excess. A parallel moral world where the monsters from our subconscious are cast when we are finished with them. Finalist in the Sitges Fantasty film Festival.


"An hilarious, surrealist fairytale." Hof Film Festival, Germany

"The least boring film ever made in Australia" Scott Murray's Australian Film 1978 - 1992

Followed by Q & A with Director Haydn Keenan


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Haydn Keenan


Amanda Dole
David Argue
Esben Storm
Arna-Maria Winchester
Mercia Deane-Johns
Gary Foley


Love And Other Mental Disorders | 14 Mins | 2021
Director: Ben Ulm

Alien hand syndrome is a rare condition in which you can’t control your hands.  How to find love when you’ve got roaming hands.

Cannes entry, winner best comedy short Hollywood short fest.