Morning Of The Earth

Friday October 6th 6:00pm


Albert Falzon’s 1972 classic, Morning of the Earth, is internationally renowned as one of the greatest surf films of all time. Its psychedelic imagery and audio-visual tour de force captured the spirit of a generation and became an instant benchmark of avant-garde cinema. A fantasy of surfers living in three unspoiled lands and playing in nature’s oceans, Morning of the Earth tells the story of a group of friends exploring the measures of all things beautiful: searching for virgin waves in Bali, Hawaii and Australia, shaping their own surfboards, building their own homes and living off the land in harmony with nature. With G. Wayne Thomas’ legendary soundtrack (the first Australian soundtrack to go Gold) and surfing featuring some of the world’s best, Morning of the Earth is a must-watch and prerequisite for any surfer and cinephile alike.


This the meticulously restored 4K version of this 1972 classic. “Morning of the Earth has stood the test of time and perhaps is more important today in view of the increased number of people on the planet and the demands they are having on its resources and ecosystems. We need more than ever to be reminded of this fragile system we have inherited and to a certain extent Morning of the Earth is a reminder that we are all truly responsible for our decisions and actions. It is important that we individually and collectively embody those qualities that will ensure that we live a sustainable life, not one based on overproduction and overconsumption but one based on sensitivity to all life and on all levels on this Earth. Morning of the Earth reflects in a simple way how we can endure and sustain and enjoy our life here and leave a small footprint and a better world in our passing.” - Albert Falzon


“Fifty years on, Morning of the Earth remains a celebration of the surfers who rejected the promise of a straight job and a quarter acre block in the burbs to chase the euphoria of the perfect wave.” The Australian

“One of the greatest surf films of all time…the laid-back approach resulted in some of the most mesmerising images ever seen in a surf film. With Broken Head, Angourie, and Kirra, ripped to pieces by Nat Young, Baddy Treloar, Michael Peterson, and Terry Fitzgerald.

Followed by Q & A with Producer David Elfick and Bondi Surf Star Grayson Hinrichs


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Albert Falzon


David Elfick


Nat Young
Gerry Lopez
Terry Fitzgerald
Mark Warren


Work in progress surf short films by Grayson Hinrichs & Holly Murphy
14 mins