Little Victories

Saturday October 7th 12:45PM


What begins as the story of 100 years of the Clovelly Rugby League club and the people who kept it running through war and depression becomes a social history of Clovelly and the Eastern Suburbs themselves.  This film shines a light on the special quality that binds a community together - spirit. An unusual multi layered insight into a century of  up and downs and into the heart of the people themselves. 


Filmmaker Nicholas Carroll is a semi-retired brick layer who taught himself to make films from the internet.  His commitment to his subject matter has energised the learning process which gives the lie to the need for expensive film school training and the often raised dark arts and magic of film.  Relentless commitment, willingness to learn and real interest in the story your subjects have to tell is a lesson every young filmmaker should take on board.

Followed by Q & A with Director Nicholas Carroll

Join Nicholas for an insight into how the project evolved and what it takes to learn an entire new craft in order to tell an important story.


Nicholas Carroll


The members of the Clovelly Rugby League club

This session will be held in the Seagull Room