Saturday October 7th 4:00pm


Jaded city cop Travis Hurley, played in a career defining performance by Simon Baker, is sent to investigate a 20 year old cold case in a desolate opal mining town and removes the cover on old truths.  A journey into the shadow world of outback Australia.


Premiered at the a Berlin Film Festival in 2023 this is auteur Ivan Sen’s latest pic.  From the Mystery Road franchise to Limbo, Sen has created a floating world of desolate landscapes reflecting the inner world of his characters.  One of the country’s leading filmmakers, Sen’s multi-tasking of shooting, writing, directing and music, pioneers the way forward for tight budget risk taking cinema in Australia.


Simon Baker is transcendent in another beautiful film from Ivan Sen…
The cast are uniformly excellent in the auteur’s latest outback noir”. Luke Buckmaster The Guardian

“Limbo is perhaps his best film to date, a technically accomplished, richly evocative drama.” David Stratton

Followed by Q & A with David Jowsey and Greer Simpkin in the Seagull Room


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Ivan Sen


David Jowsey and Greer Simpkin


Simon Baker
Rob Collins
Natasha Wanganeen
Nicholas Hope