Journey Among Women

Saturday October 7th 2:00pm


Elizabeth Harrington (Juene Pritchard), is a woman of social standing in the colonial settlement in Sydney and the object of affection for redcoat Captain McEwan (Martin Phelan). When she learns that female convicts are being subjected to sexual and physical abuse, she frees them and escapes with them, into the dense bushland of the Hawkesbury River. Despite having no survival skills the women learn to live in the wild with each other - free of patriarchy - a new way of living.    


Tom Cowan's film about a guerrilla band of women in an inhospitable environment. A social allegory and feminist manifesto for the 1970s.


“The film reveals more about the time in which it was made than the period it was set – but that was it’s intention. Amongst the finest films Australia has made.” Paul Byrnes Melbourne Herald

“A beautiful piece of savagery” Bill Collins The Sun

Followed by Q & A with Director Tom Cowan


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Tom Cowan


Jeune Pritchard
Martin Phelean
Nell Campbell


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