Climate Changers

Thursday October 5th 6:00pm


We’re entering a climate emergency of potentially catastrophic proportions. Talk is cheap, action is needed. More importantly leadership is needed. Acclaimed environmentalist Tim Flannery heads out on a mission to investigate whether we have the calibre of leadership crucial to addressing the hard decisions humanity faces. From villagers in West Papua to an ex-PM of Australia, Al Gore to a Scottish geographer Tim asks where are the leaders who will drive change and are they strong enough to succeed against the entrenched interests of denial.


Climate Changers is a critical addition to the most vital contemporary debate facing humanity today. The science is not in question. We know what has to happen but are we up to the challenge. It’s only through collective grass roots action that we will coerce our leaders into action. This film is an essential discussion starter to ignite that action.


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Johan Gabrielsson


Mark Forstmann


Tim Flannery


Maybe In A Thousand Years | 3mins | 2023
Directed by Tom Cowan

There used to be a creek down Lamrock Avenue


Cool Burning |  2023

‘This country was built on fire.’ ‘Fire, the element that’s been missing for quite a while.
‘You can’t stop something that’s been happening for thousands and thousands of years.’ ‘Fire is a tool when you use it properly.’ ‘We do Cultural Burning.’ ‘We do Cool Burning.’

A documentary film for all Australians on the traditional way Aboriginals used fire, as a tool to maintain healthy country.

Made by Sarah George and Pete Gailey