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This is the story of an unprejudiced heart and how it changed our valley forever.” So begins Babe, a movie with a barnyard full of unforgettable characters. There’s Fly, the sheepdog Ferdinand, the quacky duck; Maa, the elderly ewe; and a trio of singing mice. In the world of Hoggett’s farm, every creature has a preordained purpose until the orphaned piglet Babe arrives and turns everything upside down.


Nominated for 7 academy awards including for Chris Noonan as best Director, BABE was an international box office smash hit. But more than that it didn’t condescend to its audience and described a world in which care and empathy could prevail without making the whole thing schmaltzy.


For children, the movie will play like a storybook come to life. Adults, at first, will marvel at the special effects and puppetry. But ultimately, they'll be won over by the nuances of a story that finds a fresh way to deliver a timeless message -Chicago Tribune


It's a delight from start to finish that will captivate children and melt the heart of even the grumpiest adult - Radio Times


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Chris Noonan


James Cromwell
Magda Szubanski