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Australia’s leading performers offer advice on a life in acting. How to prepare for an audition, getting your first job, what to expect and stories of a life on the boards.

We extremely fortunate to have three highly experienced and gifted Bondi actors to pass on some of the do’s and don’ts and their experience of life in the business. We will be asking their thoughts on a range of subjects and there will be opportunity for any questions you have.

Chris Haywood

Chris has more than 200 credits to his name.  And in those 200 credits he has never turned in a poor performance.  That’s a rare thing to say but in his case it’s true.  He has worked with every major director in Australia and has the unique capacity to come on screen and audiences immediately identify with him.  He is in two films in the Bondiwood program, a small role as a policeman in WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD and an extraordinary and unforgettable performance as Tony the antagonist in IN SEARCH OF ANNA. He has just returned from shooting in Spain on the Camino pilgrimage Trail in Bill Bennett new film,  THE WAY MY WAY for release in 2024.

Tina Bursill

Tina is an award winning actress who has graced our  stages and TV screen for many years.  Her experience ranges from stand up comedy to hard hitting drama.  Tina’s characters are often cool, grounded and self-reliant women tinged with humour.

She was a fixture in the international cult series Cell Block H (Prisoner) starred in the hit network comedy THE MOODIES and has appeared in. RAKE, JACK IRISH and most recently she has been in the large scale stage production of Cinderella.  Tina starred in the feature film Jilted which earned her an AFI Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. 

With this kind of experience Tina brings to BONDIWOOD extraordinary insights for those getting underway in an acting career.

Adele Vuko

Adele is very much the renaissance woman she’s not only an actor but a writer, director and producer.  She is one third of the skit box which has over one hundred million hits. Adele trained at NIDA and the acclaimed Australian Theatre for Young People.  Her TV work has ranged from UNDERBELLY to sketch comedy THE ELEGANT GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO KNIFE FIGHTING. Adele featured in the Australian Not Suitable For Children and appeared as the lead in the 2014 comedy feature Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse.  With budgets getting ever tighter Adele is an extraordinary rexample of the need to multi task.  Rather than sitting by the phone waiting for someone to ring she’s out there creating work from square one.